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Annual Tennis Tournament

by William Oliver, 2007-12-05T13:46:13.000-08:00December 05 2007, at 01:46 PM PST

Welcome Team Member,
This years annual Tennis tournament is guaranteed to be better than last years tournament.
Why you ask?
We because we didn’t have a tournament last year.
This year we are going to start with practices until a tournament is put together by one of... [more]

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2011-01-28T13:10:39.000-08:00January 28 2011, at 01:10 PM PST, Derek Story said:

New calendar, what!

2007-12-07T19:52:02.000-08:00December 07 2007, at 07:52 PM PST, Mike Tan said:

Haha, it kind of looks like William playing!

2007-12-06T01:13:14.000-08:00December 06 2007, at 01:13 AM PST, Sean Taylor said:

haha nice video, is that you playing?

2007-12-06T00:04:30.000-08:00December 06 2007, at 12:04 AM PST, Mike Tan said:

Can someone put up this video?

2007-12-06T00:01:46.000-08:00December 06 2007, at 12:01 AM PST, Mike Tan said:

William, you are going down!!!

2007-12-05T15:01:00.000-08:00December 05 2007, at 03:01 PM PST, Another Jonker Profile said:

You are!!!

2007-12-05T13:48:54.000-08:00December 05 2007, at 01:48 PM PST, William Oliver said:

Who is going to go get some batteries?

2007-12-05T13:38:37.000-08:00December 05 2007, at 01:38 PM PST, William Oliver said:

Well well well!!! I think it is about time we started this tournament we have all been waiting for. Who is ready to challenge William to the first match. I have started to create the tournament, and we will stat with some round robbin games to get everyone started.

Can anyone think about the prize for the winner? perhaps a day in Mike and Jon's room?